We are a group who have come together to offer quality help to those having paranormal experiences. We make several trips each year to known haunted locations to hone our skills, and be the best we can be.Some members have been studying the paranormal since the 1970's and have been working in the field for decades. 

RECENTLY we have expanded our coverage to PA, so going just east of the Ohio Valley. We are looking forwards to investigating new known haunted locations on the east coast.

What makes us different from all the other groups out there?

We have knowledge of the paranormal beyond investigating techniques and skills. We have been investigating BEFORE it became popular.
Having metaphysical teachers in our group enables us to be able to easily explain and educate our clients.
We do not charge anything for our services, or bring fake mediums and psychics to your home for a fee and who do nothing.
We do not investigate for our benefit, sometimes the best thing to do , is to NOT investigate and stir things up.
We offer cleansings , advice, and help so that after knowing what is going on, you are able to deal with the issue.
We are professional, experienced, and dependable.
We use proven techniques and equipment, we don't "experiment" at your home.
We do not use techniques such as seances and Ouija Boards that frequently make the situation worse.
Unlike many groups, all our members must be knowledgeable, helpful, experienced, and educated in the paranormal. All members are voted into the group, not just anyone can join. This allows us to have a quality group that is able to go into people's homes and businesses without issues and to actually help!